Saturday, January 24, 2009

Justice Tarries

The world reaches
For the innocent
Grasping lives
In an instant

The Church fails
To stand and hold
The great beacon
In the cold

Millions taken
Day and night
Many more
Give up the fight

But one day soon
He will return
All saved will rise
And the world burn

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Your love withers my hopeless heart
Into acceptance of what that is
Once I thought of but only your hand
Then my dreams you sent to dark

Silenced all my wildest dreams
I ask you now for just one favor
If I cannot have hope of you
Will you take my nightmares, please?

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Death in War

Rivers of blood
Flow in streets foreign

In a single instant
Nine months are sullen

What a life lived
What a life lost

High a price paid
For some old man's thought

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Young Revolution

Silver days eclipsed by
Golden nights
Infants slay
Their fathers' only lives

When will it pass?
The Day of Judgment
And haunt those whose tasks
Kill the remnant

Justice seems not exist
As they fall
Those who ask
Never receive their call

How long can one
Only hope to live?
As but ev'ryone
Soon meets their end

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Frantic Nights

The years
The nights
The fires
The lights

Passing on
To blood-shot eyes

How feverishly you find yourself
Searching for a single rope
On which to climb to free yourself
Or on which to hold for a hope

But you drown
In your wild search

The tears
The fights
The liars
The sights

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Gilding Mind

Fixation beyond imagination
Perils in the deep of old
The fountains cease
The rivers soar
In sound mind and body
One is no more

Dreams forever
Pains to feel
In the endless nights
As stainless steel

The heart hardens to linger on
Or crushed it is to be assured
The soul longs
The spirit yearns
Oh they dedicate
The mortal's fall

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Darker, forward she comes
To face you without a face
You tremble before no one
Yet, she stands there waiting
You wonder where they are

Are you all alone now - NOW?!
In a time such as this?!
The worst of times, you think
You urge onward, fending her off
Long enough to say one word
To an ear that will carry on
Searching everywhere for naught

You feared this moment
Not for yourself but for them
Just one word...anything...
You search for the perfect thing
While you run - forever...

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

If Only

A child
His smile I adore
The first cry
The first tear
I hold him

The house
Barely large enough so
I struggle to
Provide all so
We can live

And everything
I'd give so readily
For this dream
To be reality
For one day

With her
A lifetime of joy
I'd feel in
That single day
If only so

- Daniel Z. Garrett -


Frightened beneath
A single tear

Infinite peace
You once thought

Nothing matters
For all lost

Until once
You fall asleep

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Standing still, yet ever moving
Within the confines of oblivion
Time is an alien to the reality
Encompassing your universe

In an instant, you live forever
And travel beyond all known
To a place of unknown wonder
And perpetual joy and serenity

Everyone around you has gone
None remain, but neither do you
As you become the unimaginable
All else fades into the distant past

So much that you merely dream
All life is a dream, and life is lost
Beneath the layers of ecstasy
Till it drowns in the forgotten sea

Where everyone once held cares
Now regarded as merely nothing
And even the memory of death dies
For it drowns and passes as well

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Reflections (From my MySpace Blog of May 26th, 2008)

Four years
Four loves
All lost
All doves
Each seeing
What I could not
Each not feeling
What I had thought

Two hundred friends
Two hundred funs
All frost
Beneath the Suns
Some closer
And some not
Some forever
Or to be forgot

Eighty poems
Eighty songs
Held inside
Perpetually caught
All foreseen
Within my mind
All revealed
Within my rhyme

One million burdens
One million crimes
Sorrows held
For all times
It seems so cold
In nights as such
Yet to Christ
I will always clutch

- Daniel Z. Garrett -