Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love (From My April 13th, 2009 Facebook Post)

No word is less defined - nor an idea more pondered
Those who hold it can not describe it and
The many searching know not how to find it
Through it we bless - through it we are blessed

It is to believe the impossible while in a state
Of perceptual anesthesia. There is always some
Madness in it, but the madness is not without reason
For only it - not even reason - is stronger than death

It is the master key to the gates of happiness
Through music it caresses the infinite masses
It is a glimpse of heaven often stronger than
The convictions of man. It is the one true ideal.

It is the only true adventure, and through it
Is found the true power and potential of existence
No room is too small; it will stretch the heart
Of the most unwilling, most perplexed, and most afraid

Forgiveness is its final form and greatest power
It is what drives one's soul from its hiding place
It is a certain special way of being alive. True
Wisdom can only be found in its beating heart

For a fool in it is nonsense; only the man who
Denies it is a fool. It is true that if clutched, it
Will dart away, but though elusive, its value is great
And once it begins, it is harder than war to end

It is endless forgiveness - like the master's violin
Whose music may pause, but whose strings remain
It frees all who embrace it from all weight and
Pain, and it will never wrong nor lead one astray

What is one person to a world, it transforms into
The world to one person. It gives strength to
Those who receive and courage to those who give
It is a rare, divine power given to all of mankind

Everything must be risked in the name of it
Or else even more is risked. It is the only
Known form of immortality. It is the lone
Real gracious act capable of fallen man

A man's greatest legacy is in it; the one way
To accurately judge a man is by his display of it
In the final analysis, it is the only reflection
Of a man's true worth. It is everything

It is more than three words mumbled before
Bedtime; it is sustained by action, a pattern of
Devotion in the things done for one another
Each and every passing moment, day, and year

It is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired
And is not found by finding the perfect person
But by seeing an imperfect person perfectly
And above all this, LOVE is a friendship set on fire

- Daniel Z. Garrett* -

* This is composed of numerous famous quotations on love from known and unknown authors alike. Some quotations are quoted exactly, others are paraphrased or have only an excerpt displayed above. Most were simply inspiration for things I wrote. Of course, some of it is purely original material, as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Stranger

Oh, the chances that slip by,
What years could be had if
For a moment a single word
You could speak to a stranger

What harm would there be
If your gesture is so declined?
Ah, what good could be gained
If for a moment you just spoke

- Daniel Z. Garrett -