Friday, October 23, 2009

(Uneasy) Autumn Joys

Clicking, clicking, clicking - a rhythm beneath the noise
Steady heartbeats begin to race
In anticipation
How simplistic at first glance
The lives of all surrounding
Yet how much is missed
If a second glance
Is not given

A wonderful, intricate design is
Interlacing smiles amongst
The crowd
Bounce, jump, skip and try not to fall
A child worries so little

Near perfection
Is attained

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

Friday, October 16, 2009


Countless windows into lives, you walk on past
Who can help them all? So why even try?
Fiery days preceding cold nights
Working furiously to no end
Viciously cut like him before
Don't worry it will happen to the next.

Peace, war, power, and gossip...
The endless noise accumulates
Eventually it's all just too much to take

Why try? Why care? Why cry?
No one can make it in this world on their own
So who will care about another?
Everyone has their own problems.

Perhaps mortality isn't so bad.
With worry and doubt abounding
Futility rises through the fray
So all you want is to die quickly and forget
A God can not exist or surely He is evil!
I can't take it; kill me, please!
But no, you won't even do that.

Eternity is so long
How can one endure it when life is too much already?!
Perhaps there is nothing more.
Can I be so lucky?
Give me something now!

Then it comes in a rushing wind -

Peace, joy, serenity, hope, wonder, and amazement
When you kneel that first day...

- Daniel Z. Garrett -