Friday, December 19, 2008


Only God in all that is known and unknown can claim such a title as "Divine"
Is it even possible to fathom the full implications of such a selective term as this?
To be divine...

Nothing is impossible
Imagine something
Imagine something so great you can't even fully imagine it
A divine being can do it

Try to contemplate every "super-human" quality ever conceived
Books, comics, magazines, fairy tales, fiction, nonfiction, and more
A divine being can make it all seem ridiculous to even waste the time thinking about

Divinity means omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and immutability
God is exclusively divine
Only He can and does know all
Only He can be and is all powerful
Only He can be and is everywhere
And Only He is and forever will be the same

Can any even comprehend the concept of knowing everything?
There is nothing new that can ever be added to His knowledge
He is eternal and there is an eternity ahead for infinite things to happen
And only He knows them all

There is no limit to infinity, this is its very definition
And yet even infinite knowledge cannot escape Him
He is beyond limitless if something without limit is subject to Him

Can any even attempt to understand the ability to wield all power?
There is no power that is not subject to Him
He is so powerful, that He can even limit his limitless powers out of love

Can any even try to realize being everywhere at once?
In the infinite expanse of the universe and beyond He is
He is One being and yet also everywhere
Given all eternity and infinite speed, no one could ever leave His domain

Even the limitless infinity of space and time are limited to Him
Just the thought of being so great as to have something
Without limits limited to Him is beyond all mortal understanding

Can any even try to reason how He cannot change?
He is everywhere, and everything changes, and yet He does not
He dwells in his very servants - all whom change - and yet He does not

Only a divine being can do these things and more
All beyond all understanding of "possible"
And still care enough to send His Son for mankind

A thought even perplexing in itself on infinite levels
Why would a limitless God limit Himself as so?
How can He be Three in One?
How...Why...I don't understand...?
All questions frequently gracing the mouths of man...

But all that must be known is His Love and our inferiority to His divinity.

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

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