Friday, December 19, 2008

Love and the Love of Power

For before even man, struggle for power was witnessed
The high angel Lucifer wished to surpass his great Creator
From this, one third of all angels have fallen and sin known

Some seek it through material wealth or fame
Others try finding it in education, prestige, or honor
Many more have tried finding it through military prowess

It is an animal instinct, scholars say, to wish to be elevated
The sense of superiority and dominance somehow satisfies
Yet, it only drives many to thirst it more after the first taste

So rare to find a soul content in this deeply lost world
People would rather reign here in flesh than later in spirit
For to many, it would be an investment in the vast unknown

Even many Christians find it hard to sacrifice now for then
They believe, but they cannot see beyond what is physical
Or they rationalize the reasoning behind their selfish pride

It is natural to seek great power; it is a desire of the flesh
But, only a few really know how to wield true power now
For these men and women know the true definition of love

They have given their lives to the One who gave His for them
Their love for Him is above all, and their love for family second
Their love for friends and even enemies rises above themselves

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

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