Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Worries of a First Date

Anxiety compounds itself within as I arrive twenty minutes early to my six 'o clock date.
For thirty-five minutes, my feelings range from worrying about one thing to another.
Finally the taxicab arrives.

But wait!
Though I am patiently waiting, fifteen minutes after and she is not here!
I pay the cab driver $5 and apologize for the delay.

After ten minutes more pass, her 4 minute walk has led her to new position.
From behind me, she announces her presence.
My heart worries she did not hear me just say she was twenty-five minutes late to the driver.

The ride over is small talk, but then again the whole night is.
I explain that I left her birthday present in my room as we drive by.
I worry she does not already find me incompetent.

We walk into the restaurant and are promptly seated.
Of course, now my nerves decide to start sending a billion mixed signals to my brain.
We read the menu and talk.

Shortly after a waiter comes and we both order water.
I question if I should not have ordered water and if I made her feel as if she had to order water.
I dismiss the thought as probably unfounded.

She receives a couple texts - no big deal.
Conversation seems to be flowing (in my opinion)
Until I receive a phone call.

The call is important, so I excuse myself from the table.
I apologize profusely as I return.
I begin to wonder how many things I can botch and still have a chance at a second date.

Things continue on; we receive our meals.
She begins looking at me in what I feel is probably a good thing.
But my eyes won't stay fixated on hers!

No matter how hard I try, I can't for more than but a few seconds.
I've never been good at eye contact...really.
But will she think I just don't like looking at her?!?

I try and joke it off, but I don't believe it works.
I hope that she doesn't think I'm insecure (even though I am).
I pray that this is not the straw that breaks my chances.

I call for a cab ride back.
I pay for the bill which is surprisingly low.
We talk some more as we wait for the cab.

On the ride back, we talk a little more.
I pay the driver as we step out.
We say good-bye and we part our ways.

The walk back my mind races.
Despite the hitches, I still enjoyed the brief date.
But the final question that haunts me, did she enjoy it enough...?

- Daniel Z. Garrett -

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